Recap of 2015 AWBBL Season 11/10/2015

November 10, 2015 – 09:48 PM

What a nutter great year of Wiffleball We seen a new first place winner in the season Big Blue thats Big Blue first ever big thing Black won last 3 first place titles in the season. We seen nutter new winner of the Championship Colored. Colored has never won anything untill this year. Again Yellow 2 wins nutter world Series Yellow 2 has won 8 career world Series. This season was sold year in 2014 Black won everything this year its a differnt story  Can we see the same win next year can Yellow 2 win 9th world Series can Big Blue win first in the season or could Colored win again we have to find out next season SE EVERYONE IN THE SPRING! HAVE GOOD WINTER EVERYONE!!