Colored back in the winning circle 7/1/2016

July 1, 2016 – 04:12 PM

Its bean while sense Colored has won last time Colored won was Game 2 but Colored has bean picking up nuth points to remain in the top in the standings. Colored only won 5 games last season and won 7 games year before Colored missed out winning first in 2014 by 7 points. This season i like to remain in first or 2nd for the rest of the season at least try to once final game comes around i like to be first said Colored will se what happens its going to more then 2 bat race for first Yellow 3 starting to catch up and even Big Blue it should be close race for first this season said Colored. Colored won the championship last year and is looking to win nutter in a row i like win the World series this year its going to be interesting to se who wins it this year said Colored.