Grey 2 First to 4 wins. Colored over 100 points on the Season. 7/27/2016

July 27, 2016 – 07:06 PM

Grey 2 has become the first to reach 4 wins this season im shock said Grey 2  thought maby like Colored be first reach 4 wins or even Orange or Big Blue its bean interesting Season so far said Grey 2. This was a big win for me becouse im tie with Black for the wild card i think we might go back and forth for the wild card also dont keep Yellow 2 out of the wild card picher I think also Grey 1 and Yellow 1 might make run at it to Grey 1 bean hiting some good ball lately said Grey 2. Colored is first reach 100 points on the Season Colored leads First by 11 points for First will I reach 200 points this Season i dont think so il have to win like 10 games in a row to get that but im not to worry about getting 200 points just winning first place.