Yellow 1 comes up with nutter win 9/3/2016

September 3, 2016 – 01:00 AM

Yellow 1 pick up win number 5 on the season that is the most wins in a season that Yellow 1 has ever one in a Season. I think i won like 3-4 games in a season long time ago i never won 5-6 games in a season this is just something said yellow 1. With this win Yellow 1 is new wild card leader yellow 1 is also point behind yellow 3 for 4th this is just something  said yellow 1 i was not specting of moving up in the standings this much i was once in last place said yellow 1 now im in 4th well when you win 4-5 games that quickly move you up in the standings. If i can win one more game that should give me a spot in the playoffs i dont care what spot i get 4th or 5th i dont care as long i make the playoffs if i dont make the playoffs it be really disappointing season said yellow 1.