Grey 1 Grey 2 Yellow 1 Season is officially done. 9/21/2016

September 21, 2016 – 01:00 AM

Grey 1 Grey 2 Yellow 1 Season is all done for the year they did not place in the top 6 for the postseason. Its shame said Yellow 1 i had great last 10 games of Season to clinch a spot in the playoffs had good playoff game but failed to win i though maby il place in top 6 for the postseason but play poorly said Yellow 1 im not sure how good i would of done but i think i would did ok said Yellow 1. It bean a blast this season and hopefully what i done this season i can do next season and get back in the playoffs again said Yellow 1.        Grey 2 and Grey 1 season all done for the year  Grey 2 ans Grey 1 were in wild card race in the Season but fell to far behind and were out of the wild card race after last couple of games of the Season. Tell you what me and Grey 1 were in a mix of things but just had couple of bad games said Grey 2 i couldnt get hitting going in couple of games that con hurt me said Grey 2. Tell you what i won more games in the season then last season Grey 1 had more points then last season so all along it was good season for both of us. But we both failed to make the playoffs again and missed out on the postseason again i know Grey 1 wasnt happy on the outcome of the season and season playoff game  but Grey 1 should be happy about haveing good Season i think next Season one of us is going to make the playoffs or postseason or both we both are hitting bean getting beater next year i think be year for one of us or both of us said Grey 2.