Colored wins the World Series!!! 11/3/2016

November 3, 2016 – 05:19 PM

For the first time ever Colored has won first world series last year Colored lost to yellow 2. I know this year little was going to little differnt i should won last year world series to but yellow 2 out hit me said Colored this year i out hit yellow 2 matter of fact i out hit everyone with a laugh said Colored. Orange played me tough to get into the world series i though that i was going to lose that game but i was able to get couple of home runs at the end there i think all of are points were home runs said Colored that match was like a shoot out said Colored. I know taken on Yellow 2 was going to be challenge becouse Yellow 2 has bean playing well all postseason but i new way i bean playing this season i had good chance at beating yellow 2. I didnt play well in first game of the world series i think it was becouse i didnt have nuth pratice in or just had off game. Game 2 i new i play well and i did said Colored this was my best season ever i won everything i think someone said im first to do that but i thought Black did it threw years ago. Feel great to win world series and to be number 1 seed to do it last year i was number 1 seed. Now i know i can win the world series or anything well i just won everything with a laugh. Will i win it next year maby not sure se what happens i know everyone else will be chaseing me down for world series first place in the season. What a season it has bean said Colored.