Grey 2 wins first game of the season. 5/25/2017

May 25, 2017 – 06:25 PM

For the first time sense 2014 season both Greys have won a season game last threw seasons its bean only Grey 2 wining a game one season Grey 1 only won. This is great start for me and Grey 1 said this Season even know Grey 1 bean having couple of bad games lately but i see Grey 1 getting going again. Yaa me and Grey 1 are of to good start this season and hoepfully we keep playing good next dozen of games one of us will like to make the playoffs this year none of us have made the playoffs in years i forgot last one of us made it to the playoffs if yellow 1 can make it one season one of us can sure make it i l like to see both of us make the playoffs this year. Good win for me said Grey 2 had two long home runs which gave me the win hitting ball nicely said Grey 2 im hoping keep hitting ball well rest of the season said Grey 2.