Big Blue wins back to back games. 6/3/2017

June 3, 2017 – 06:40 PM

Big Blue is first this season to win back to back games on the season Big Blue won Game 5 and then won Game 6.  It was close in final round said Big Blue after i got done hiting in final round i didnt know if i pass Orange or not someone said it was Orange that won then someone took a sec look and said that i won and i was like what i did. Tell you what Game 6 so far this season it one of thous odd games said Big Blue we had to one more road then other games cause only 2 bats had a point in first round like we all had a bad game said Big Blue. I think Black had worst Black could easy made it to the final round but choke in round 3. But cant do nothing about these con of games come once in while said Big Blue and just have to deal with it about it.