Big Blue on a hot streak. 6/8/2017

June 8, 2017 – 06:42 PM

Big Blue bean on a hot streak at late Big Blue won 3 games last week Big Blue won first game of the Season then won again then again won Big Blue has won 3 games so far this Season last season Big Blue only won 4 games well Big Blue only one game away from tieing that. Big Blue has pick up 27 points in last 3 games and now sites point behind Colored for first Colored took 7th place in game 7 Colored had off game in game 7. Bean good week for me said Big Blue seems like when you win game then sometimes win nutter game then nutter that what happen to me said Big Blue now how long will this last will see could go for while remmber one year Black won like 6 stright games so could happen to me said Big Blue. Just have to see what plays out said Big Blue.