Yellow 1 wins first game on the season. 7/13/2017

July 13, 2017 – 06:41 PM

Yellow 1 is the win colium for first time this Season and go timeing to becouse Game 14 was last game of the first half of the Season and also put Yellow 1 11 points behind Black for 5th final spot for the playoffs. I have bean hiting not to bad lately said Yellow 1 last couple of games i took 8th 6th 7th now 1st se take me half a season get things going just takes forever get my hiting going said Yellow 1.  Last season i has that great 2nd half looks like i may have great 2nd half as well last season i won 5 games maby this season i can almost that amont again se what happens said Yellow 1. With win Yellow 1 is 11 behind Black for the wild card race 5th for the playoffs Yellow 1 is in 7th place after 14 games.