Grey 2 gets a big win. 8/10/2017

August 10, 2017 – 09:15 PM

Grey 2 needed something big next couple of games to get back in the wild card race surething Grey 2 wins Game 23 whitch is Grey 2 biggest win on the season with yellow 3 taken 8th place  in Game 23 Grey 2 pick up least 8 points on yellow 3 now Grey 2 is 8 points behind yellow 3 for 5th final spot for the playoffs. Im hoping i can get the final spot in the playoffs said Grey 2 i bean so close last couple of seasons and i think this season i can get in the playoffs said Grey 2 i want to show whole league that me or Grey 1 can make the playoffs said Grey 2 one of my goals every season is to make the playoffs and i think season is the season that i do it said Grey 2.