Yellow 1 wins back-to back games 8/17/2017

August 17, 2017 – 09:03 PM

Haveing a hot streak right now is the right time becouse there only 4 games left in the season Yellow 1 is now tied with Yellow 3 for 5th the final spot in the playoffs just two weeks ago i was like 12 points out of 5th but with Yellow 3 haven trouble and me winning 18 points last two games reel helps said Yellow 1. In game 25 i didnt have really good 1st round so i had to wait until the 3th round but what was hard was Big Blue had two points in the first rounf so Big Blue already snag one of the spots in the final round so in the 3th round only one of us was going to make it to the final round said Yellow 1. But odd thing was everyone had poor hit so lucky i had two chances to try to pass everyone well it took me two try to do it i think on the last one i had home run and i was top bat. Final round i thought Yellow 2 was going to win but ended up being Big Blue or me. With win by Yellow 1 Yellow 3 is tied with Yellow 1 for 5th Grey 2 only 6 points back Yellow 2 13 points back.