Colored pick up win number 5. Black and Big Blue clinch spots in the playoffs. 8/25/2017

August 25, 2017 – 10:07 PM

Colored add to total of wins on the season with 5 last season Colored had 7 wins Colored can still match that total from last Season. Also with win Colored is now 13 points ahead of Orange for first place know cant say first place is out of reach said Colored anything can happen said Colored Orange still has 3 games left in the Season. Its bean close race almost all Season said Colored its bean good battle for first said Colored last season i con of rain away with first during the 2nd half said Colored. Big Blue and Black clinch spots in the playoffs by placeing 2nd and 3th Black needed to place 4th or better to clinch a spot then Big Blue can place in any spot to clinch.