Orange wins the final game of the Season! Grey 2 claims the wild card. Colored wins First place. 9/1

September 1, 2017 – 05:30 PM

Orange finish out the season by winning the last 3 games of the Season but Orange fell short of first place Orange missed out of first by 6 points over Colored. This Season i have say its eas my best ever Season said Orange this season i had 8 wins almost had 200 points my best ever season was back in 2011 when i won 1st place and had 9 wins said orange. I was in battle pretyy much all Season with Colored for first place think there was couple of bad games that hurt me could of bean lot closer at end said Orange. But what im looking at now is doing good in the playoffs and win myself a championship said Orange.      Colored wins first place again for 2nd straright season last season Colored won first place over Orange by a lot this Season Colored won first by 6 points it was a good battle for first said Colored at one point it was me Orange Big Blue then Big Blue drop back then it was just me and Orange said Colored at point i thought Orange was going to jump me but never happen. There good chance we could meet again in the championship game again i won 4-3 last year playoffs when we play each other seems to be good match up but first i need to win my match ups same for Orange just have to see what happens said Colored.         Grey 2 back in the playoffs after about a 10 year drought finally i said Grey 2 wasnt easy but least i didnt blow it like last couple of seasons were i blow it at the very end said Grey 2 in final game of the season i just need to better then yellow 3 to clinch a spot in the playoffs and i did i took 4th yellow 3 took 6th when i hit that home run the 3th round i know that i was playoff clincher didnt matter what i did in the final round said Grey 2. Grey 1 was happy that im in the playoffs becouse nether of us have bean in the playoffs in years good see someone differnt said Grey 2. How will i play out in the playoffs well have to see i have take on Orange in the first round so its going to be tough one but what ever happens im happy that im just in the playoffs said Grey 2.