Recap of the 2017 AWBBL Season 9/1/2017

September 1, 2017 – 05:40 PM

Season has finally ended that means its playoff time! What Season it has bean lets take look back on what happen this Season. 


What a season it was this might be one of best Seasons ever. Grey 1 start of Season with a bang by winning first game of the Season then Grey 1 drop to last threw games later Grey 1 only won one game on the Season. Then next game Colored won follow by Orange then Grey 2 then Big Blue at one point Big Blue won 5 games in a row longest streak out anyone on the Season. Big surprise was Grey 2 and Grey 1 winning early this Season in the past they dont win any games until later on. This Season Yellow 2 didnt win any games last Season Yellow 2 did win some games but Yellow 2 did place 2nd couple of games then 3th so Yellow 2 did have not to bad of a Season.  Orange won most games on the Season with 8 games Colored had 5 wins Colored broke 200 point mark Grey 1 had 100 points on the head. Colored won first place for 2nd time in the row and Grey 2 wins wild card spot first time sense 2007 that Grey 2 won the wild card.