Orange wins the Championship! 9/11/2017

September 11, 2017 – 02:03 PM

Orange has bean about due to win a Championship last time Orange won the Championship was back in 2012 and in last couple of years Orange has lost in the Championship game last year Orange lost to Colored this year totally differnt. Orange didnt have to worry about Colored this year becouse Colored lost to Big Blue in the 2nd round. Big Blue won agants Black and over Colored. It was two big bats going at it in the Championship game way game was going look to be a blow out it was 5-1 going into the top of the 5th Big Blue needed 4 points to tie but way Big Blue game was going look to end into 5-1 game Big Blue hit 3 home runs to make it 5-4 but sense Big Blue had keep going rule were if you get a point on your last atemp you keep going untill you get a out that what happen to Big Blue had 2 straight home runs to make 5-4. So Big Blue needed one more home run to tie game but Big Blue came up short. It was good game said Orange Big Blue almost make nice comeback being down 4 Big Blue made it a game at the end said Orange. This is something that i wanted was to win a Championship or a world series il take both laugh said Orange but this one of my goals at the begining of the Season to win first place to win a championship well i got one of them said Orange. Now to the postseason love to win a world series said Orange bring it on!!