Orange wins the World Series!! 10/21/2017

October 21, 2017 – 02:50 PM

Orange has done it Orange has won the World Sereis! It took two games to win the world sereis Colored won game 1 by score of 7-5 so had to go to game 2 to decided the winner Orange won game 2 by score of 6-5 in 7 inns. I didnt play well in game 1 said Orange i think it was becouse i havent played in while think thats why i mean i had some good hits just i didnt hit where i wanted them to go said Orange. Game 2 i hit well i hit how i bean hitting all season said Orange. I won the Championship season-playoff game and the world sereis what can i ask for i had great season said Orange even know i didnt win first place thats alright i won everything else said Orange hopefully next season il win first place in the season thats only thing i havent won in sometime Orange won first place back in 2010 and in 2011. I think i have the numbers for next Hall fame vote i hope im next one in the Hall of Fame said Orange like i said before if i win the World Sereis il get choosen next for the Hall of Fame at least i think so said orange. What season for me it is a season il never forget said Oeange.