Fall BALL!! 10/21/2017

October 21, 2017 – 03:14 PM

What is Fall Ball?? Well starting this year we are trying out something new Fall Ball! Fall Ball is were we have pairs going to try beat other Paris. Pairs are Big Blue and Orange Black and Colored Grey 1 and Grey 2 Yellow 2 and Yellow 3 and Yellow 1 that right Yellow 1 all by self. it just like season game where we do rounds but for Fall Ball games are longer then season games a Fall Ball game can go 6 rounds or even 8 rounds . Object is for each group is to get a point to keep on going to next round if pair dous not get a point they will go to the eliminated round but they will not get eliminated right o way they will wait untill nutter pair does not get a point and they will go to the eliminated round. Once get in last couple of rounds then switch from points to who hits the fartest that will decided who goes on sounds confusing right yaa it is LOL!