New Season format. 5/14/2018

May 14, 2018 – 02:15 PM

With first game of season in the books we start a new season foment it was announced early in the spring that there be some changes start of new season. First change is there be no playoffs after season meaning by like we bean doing last threw years were top 5 in the standings will go to the playoffs for the championship. Thats the 2nd change there will be no more championship that will be taken out. 3th change is top 7 in the standings will go on to the playoffs thous top 7 will compete for the right to win the world series still be double elimination style  and if forgot orange won the world series last year. Still staying the same is there be 30 games in the season don think we do 40 seems to much but something changes let everyone know. Also getting taken away is season-Playoff game whitch decides who makes the postseason. Reason for this changes is make season go by faster and also saves on haveing lot games each week also Arrowhead bowling league is just like this so we decide make just like it should go smooth. Hope everyone enjoys the season!!