Colored are new member of AWBBL Hall of Fame. 5/16/2018

May 16, 2018 – 02:17 PM

Congrats to Colored on are newest member of the Hall of Fame. Colored was pick becouse of titles that Colored has won in the past also all first place titles that won also most career home runs by everyone. Here Colored numbers Colored has 244 career home runs Colored had 37 home runs in 2014 most by bat in one season Colored has won 2 championships 2 first place titles and 1 World Series title. Colored said feel great to be in Hall of Fame said Colored something i wanted before i hang it up for career not hanging it up yet said Colored with a laugh but ya heard it was going to be me or Orange and i think Black but they  choose me i was like what really i was happy said Colored but i like add to those totals said Colored not only all them becouse some of them are not around anymore like to get 300 career home runs win nutter first place title win nutter world series said Colored. Lets do it said Colored!!