Orange wins back to back games for 2nd time this season. 7/13/2018

July 13, 2018 – 05:15 AM

For the 2nd time this season Orange has won back to back games Orange has yet to win 3 games in a row will be looking to that in Game 11. With nutter win by Orange Orange is still in first by 14 points over Colored. Its bean really great start to the season said Orange hope to keep things rolling hopeing to keep Colored from catching up to me for first i havent won first in about 7-8 years said Orange but know Colored always seem to make run late runs away for first at end. Last season orange won 8 games Orange is only 3 games away from tieng that i like win least 10 games this season way things are going this season i might win 15 games guess see what happens said Orange.