Grey 2 new winner on the season. 7/18/2018

July 18, 2018 – 11:20 PM

Grey 2 in the win colium for the first time this season!! Grey 2 who beat out Big Blue Orange and Colored to win game 12. Feel great said Grey 2 it hard get first win on the season i know there couple of others that havent won yet but tell you what its not easy hard to beat out Orange Colored Big Blue becouse they hit far if cant hit far not going to win be taken 3th or 4th a lot but in game 12 i got little lucky becouse they didnt have good hits said Grey 2 . With win Grey 2 moves up a spot to 5th place Yellow 2 drop to 6th place if i can place 4th or even 5th il be happy on the season that give me seed going into the playoffs said Grey 2 i also like win couple of more games this season last season i won 3 this season like to win 4 or even 5 said Grey 2.