Yellow 3 gets first win on the season. 8/16/2018

August 16, 2018 – 03:22 PM

Yellow 3 is in the win column for first time this season Yellow 3 beat out Big Blue Black and Yellow 2 to win Game 19. This is big win for me said Yellow 3 not becouse its my first win im little more ahead of Grey 2 now for 5th place said Yellow 3. This season has bean good said Yellow 3 i bean around that 3th 4th 5th place each game i like to win couple of more games this season said Yellow 3 last season i only won 2 season before that i only won 3 games said Yellow 3. Next goal is to clinch a spot in the playoff i like to get 5th place or even 4th be better said Yellow 3.