Colored wins first ever double header! 9/3/2018

September 3, 2018 – 03:00 PM

First ever double header was held yesterday there has not bean a double header ever in AWBBL history and Colored ended up winning both games Game 22 and 23 was yesterday decided to have double header yesterday catch up on games said league. Colored gets two big wins pick up 18 points with two wins Orange took 4th in both games Colored is now only 14 points behind Orange for first with 6 games left Colored is ahead of Black for 2nd for last bye.  I was surprised that i won both games said Colored and i tell you what double header are tough didnt get no break in between games becouse didnt know if rain was coming or not so that why we went into next game right away said Colored they said next double header there be little of break.  I like the double headers said Colored becouse seen do better in next game well for me i did even better with a laugh said Colored. Be nice win couple of more games said Colored see if i can make run at first said Colored.