Orange wins final game of the Season and wins first place Grey 2 clams the Wild card spot. 9/20/2018

September 20, 2018 – 01:38 AM

Well Well Orange get another win for 12th win on the season Orange ended the season with 12 wins  that most wins sense Black back in 2014 Black had 13 wins that season which is still most wins ever Black also had 228 points Orange had 200 for the season. What a season said Orange feel great win first place have not won first place sense 2011 i said last season i wanted to win first next season well i did it. I thought Colored was going to make a run at for first but Colored had threw bad games late said Orange and in the pass Colored has made a run at first and won it. Also with winning first Orange does not have to play in the playoffs untill 2nd round of the playoffs becouse with new playoffs forment top 2 in the standings get a bye in the playoffs i like that idea said Orange get little break untill 2nd round hopefully i do good in the 2nd round of the playoffs said Orange.  Grey 2 get the wild card for 2nd year in the row last season Grey 2 won wild card but lost in the playoffs in the first round of the playoffs this year Grey 2 will be taking on Colored in the first round of the playoffs know going to tough first round for me said Grey 2 Colored can hit lot of home runs so what i need to do is do the same also get other points like hitting a object so see what happens said Grey 2.