Orange vs Black in AWBBL World Series 10/6/2018

October 6, 2018 – 04:44 PM

Well here we two left Orange and Black 1 and 2 seed for the world series.  Last season it was Colored and Orange this season its going to be Orange and Black. Black has won one world series that was back in 2014 Orange has won one world series that was last year. Going to be about the same as last year said Orange both Colored and black can hit the long ball that what makes black hard to beat cause black can hit the home run a lot i think the world series go two games said Orange. Black said happy to be back in the world series last year black lost to big blue in the 3th round of loser bracket this season way better then last season said black  almost set record for most home runs in a season took 2nd in points to get first round bye so ya it was a good season said black be even better if i can win the world series said black.