2018 Season-Playoffs is in the book. 10/18/2018

October 18, 2018 – 02:50 PM

What a season and playoffs Orange took first in the season and also won the World series for 2nd year in a row question is who can stop Orange well have wait another year for that to see. New format work great before season started a format was put in place top 6 in the standings in the season will go on to the postseason/playoffs there was no playoffs or season-playoff game this year that was taking out so who ever didnt make it to the playoffs there season is done. Also top 2 in the standings will get a bye in the first round of the playoffs other 4 face each other. In the season Orange black had over 200 points Orange had 200 black had 202 Orange had 12 wins on the season black had 5 Colored had 7 wins Grey 2 won the wild card over Yellow 2 Grey 2 had 1 win on the season with 123 points Yellow 2 also had one win with 108 points Grey 1 had 100 points with no wins and Yellow 1 had 96 points with no wins also. For this year playoffs orange didnt have a lose orange won every game in the playoffs Orange did win most of thous games by one Orange won over Black by score of 4-2 to win world series. What year of wiffleball it was hope see everyone next season!!