New Season about to begin! 5/3/2019

May 3, 2019 – 04:17 PM

New season will ether kick off this weekend or next week with start of new season we have new member of the league. Red-Black are 10th member to the league and with new member means more points for winning. In the pass when someone won a game winner get 9 points with new member now  winner get 10 points which is a lot points 2nd be 9 points 3th 8 points 4th 7 points and so on. With 10 in the league that means might more in the playoffs be figure out later. Miss last season Orange won first last year in the season Orange and Black had bye in the first round of the playoffs we might keep that were top 2 get a bye in the first round see what plays out. Top 6 made the playoffs last season Orange and Black had a bye then 3th seed took on 6th seed then 4th seed took on 5th seed Orange ended up taken on Black in the World Series and Orange won. Hopeing for a great season Enjoy!