Colored gets win number 4. 7/25/2019

July 25, 2019 – 02:13 PM

There seems to tran going on when Orange wins then Colored wins then Orange wins then Colored wins again bean like that last threw games. Colored mange beat out Red-Black who bean haven great first season in the league Orange took 3th follow by Yellow 3 and Big Blue by the way Big Blue did get first home run on the season. It was a interesting game said Colored becouse there was 3 bats that two points in the first round they were in the final round already so next two rounds top bat in each be going to the final round last game there was no one that get in the final round right away. This was good win for me said Colored becouse i gain little ground on Orange for first and i jump into 2nd place also said Colored hoping keep winning going heading into 2nd half of the season said Colored.