Red-Black beat out Orange to win 4th game of the season. 7/29/2019

July 29, 2019 – 04:31 PM

Red-Black still looks strong after 15 games of the season Red-Black beat out Orange to 4th game this season and is now sitting in 2nd place behind Orange for first place. Know after 15 game of the season i was not planning on being were im not now i thinking well maby il be like in 4th or 5th place but in 2nd place but i bean playing well this season looking to keep it up going into 2nd half of the season said Red-Black can i beat out Orange for first well have find out were im sitting at with about couple of games left in the season if i best out Orange i beat out orange i know Orange bean top last couple of seasons and no one has beat out Orange so maby be one do it if not not to worry about it said Red-Black.