Orange gets win number 6 on the season. 8/6/2019

August 6, 2019 – 04:51 PM

Well way trend bean going with Colored winning and Red-Black winning Orange was going to win next game and yep Orange did win next game Orange won Game 17 for 6th win on the season that most wins by anyone this season and Orange remains in first with 147 points ahead of Red-Black by 17 points for first. Well when i seen who was in the final round i know this be interesting final round have me Red-Black Black Colored Yellow 2 and Yellow 1 anyone could win this game said Orange Yellow 1 and Yellow 2 didnt have a good hit Red-Black had only good hit but i already hit already so i was wenting on to see how Red-Black hit but didnt pass me so end up winning said Orange. Well my guess Colored or Red-Black win next game laugh said Orange.