Grey 1 wins back to back games!! 9/25/2019

September 25, 2019 – 03:25 PM

For first time in like forever Grey 1 wins back to back games Grey 1 beat out Red-Black and Black and Yellow 2. When it was my turn to hit in final round said Grey 1 i was like ok let do what i did last game what did i do had nice easy hit didnt try to crush hit and bang took the lead and won said Grey 1. This was big win for me said Grey 1 becouse Yellow 2 took 2nd and i only gain like one point on Yellow 2 sense now Yellow 2 is now new wild card leader im only ten points back so last two games are going to be huge for me said Grey 1 and also for Yellow 2 Big Blue and Grey 2 said Grey 1. If i come out be wild card winner thats huge come back said Grey 1.