Red-Black picks up win number 5. Wild card to be decided in the last game of the Season. 9/30/2019

September 30, 2019 – 01:05 PM

Bean awhile sense Red-Black has won have go all way back to Game 15 that was last time that Red-Black has won but sense then Red-Black has bean placeing in each game in Top 5 almost every game. I think if i would of won threw more games i could be maken a run at First place said Red-Black there was couple of games that i should of won said Red-Black. If Red-Black finishes 2nd Red-Black will get a bye in the first round of the Playoffs il take 2nd said Red-Black 2nd really good spot to finish 3th to but i rather take 2nd said Red-Black.    Wild Card will decided in the final of the season it be Yellow 2 Grey 2 Grey 1 or Big Blue taken wild card spot going in the final game Grey 2 is wild card leader by one point over Yellow 2 and 6 over Big Blue and 9 over Grey 1. I just have too play well in last game to clinch wild card spot said Grey 2 i like get back in the playoffs again and have shot at the World series almost made last year said Grey 2. If there is a tie there be one game playoff to decided the wild card winner.