Playoffs Scenarios 9/30/2019

September 30, 2019 – 01:13 PM

For 2nd place


Red-Black : If Red-Black places at least 5th or higher Red-Black will finish in 2nd or wins wins last game of the season.



Colored: Needs to win last game of the season and have Red-Black finish at least 6th or worst.



Wild card 6th.


Grey 2: Can clinch wild card spot with a win or 2nd place finish or 3th or 4th place finish.


Yellow 2. Can clinch with a win also with same as Grey 2.


Big Blue. Can clinch with a win and Yellow 2 and Grey 2 finishing 7th or worst.


Grey 1. Can clinch with a win and Grey 2 taken last and Yellow 2 taken 9th and Big Blue taken at least 5th or worst.  If Big Blue takes 4th there could be a 4 way tie for wild card if everything goes as plan.