World Series is set! 10/15/2019

October 15, 2019 – 03:18 PM

World series is now set and its going to be Red-Black and Colored and no its not Orange in the World Series this year. Colored looking for 2nd world series and Red-Black looking for first ever World series Red-Black beat Orange twice Orange lost to Red-Black in the 2nd round of the winner bracket then they met again in the loser Bracket final and Red-Black won again. Both games were close said Red-Black all came down to who going to come big and i did in both games said Red-Black. Red-Black and Colored have already play each other already and Colored won that game by score of 5-4 that was close game to said Red-Black there was couple of hits that should bean home run but was short this time i need to win not once but twice sense Colored has not lost yet so need keep what im doing said Red-Black. If i dont win then thats alright bean great first season said Red-Black.