Colored wins the World Series!! 10/21/2019

October 21, 2019 – 03:41 PM

Colored has won the 2019 AWBBL world Series by beating Red-Black in two games Red-Black had to beat Colored twice becouse Colored has not lost yet. In game 1 Red-Black won by a score of 4-3 Colored score 3 points in the first inn but never got anymore points after that Red-Black came back and won by scoreing 4 points to win. In game 2 it was back and forth in 4th inn Red-Black score couple of points to make it 5 to 3 Colored didnt get any points in the bot of the 4th Red-Black didnt get points ether in the top of the 5th but in the bot of 5th Colored hit 3 homes runs to win Colored didnt get a point in first hit but next three hits were home runs to win Colored came way back to win the World Series. This is Colored 2nd world series last time Colored won the world series was back in 2017.  Colored said i thought i wasnt going to win the world series Red-Black thought hard and hard but ended up short Colored said Red-Black hit well but ended up short i think next year could be year that Red-Black wins first place in the season or ends up winning the world series Red-Black is tough to be beat said Colored look what Red-Black did beat Orange twice in the Playoffs that how hard it is to beat Red-Black said Colored plus Orange wasnt hitting that well ether and when taken on Red-Black better hit well if not not going to win said Colored. Can i repeat next year going to be hard said Colored.