Orange wins Championship over Black by score of 3-2 in 8 ins

October 11, 2012
Orange finally done it Orange has won Championship last time orange has won any con title was back in 2007 that last time orange won the Championship so orange has won 2 in orange career. Orange won 3-2 in 8inns It was close game said orange Black should of won in 6inn but Black missed home run by like inch Orange could won in 6inn to but Orange missed out getting a point by inches. I thought maby Black would of tie the game on last ball but it end up short and i won. Black said it was good game just like last year game but heyy cant win them all said Black. Black and orange and everybody else will be in the season-playoff game top 6 will be in the postseason to go after the world sears. Yellow 2 has won all 6 sence starting back in 2005-2006 season.