Name                             team he is on             position                       phone #          when  available                                       

Brian Allan                     Twins                                   any and will try to catch        518-396-7199     anytime call by 4pm or day before. 

Don Ball                         Dodgers                              any                                         518-366-5531       anytime

Brad Buchan                  Americans                            1st and 2nd                            518-852-3155     anytime  

Vince Koster                 Americans                            any                                         518-258-8180 anytime call by 4pm       


Harold Jenkins               Pirates                         2nd and outfield              H.      518-945-2519        anytime  call by 4pm game day                                                                  C.      518-821-8745



Bob Noto                        Yankees                               1st and 3rd                             518- 269-8437      call 1 or 2 days ahead              

Steve Vangelder           Yankees                             1st,DH, outfield                   518-527-2540 

 Ed Rogers                                                                                                            518-495-8555


Don Wixon                      Pirates                               any position                           518-928-8662      call as early as possible      

Jim Porter                       Whiz Kids                             any but not catcher              518-  526-8216         anytime