Good Day All ... Thank you for choosing the City of Glendale for you Adult softball needs. We are aware that there are plenty of other options to choose from.

We are on a new site but the concept is the same ... ALL schedules, scores and important information will be available here for your viewing.

The City of Glendale softball league requires that all bats used MUST have one of the most recent stamps on them as displayed below. Bats displaying the stamp that are altered, unreadable and sound like a rattle may not be used in league play. 


 Please remember this is a recreation league for the purpose of having fun, a code of conduct book will be available and you must adhere to the policies within.

Thank you for choosing the City of Glendale


League information ... Stephanie Fenderson-Gonzalez

                                        Recreation Programmer

(623) 930-2834