Registration for the 2019 Master's Season is open

You are receiving this letter because you played for the Central Valley Water Polo Club in the last three years or because you are an official.  

Welcome back to another season of Master’s Water Polo.  The 2019 season marks our 26th year of offering water polo to the Central Valley.  Our season officially kicks off on January 8th 2019.  We will have our first practice at Sunnyside High School from 6:30-8:30pm.  We will meet for a brief overview at 6:30pm and then get in for our first training.  Our season will continue through June 4th at which time we will offer our summer season.  By registering for the 2019 regular season, you automatically are registered for the summer season.  Your club dues cover both sessions.  The annual club photo and first club dinner night will be held on January 17th after practice at Wahoo’s, 3053 Campus Drive.

Practices will be held every Tuesday and Thursday night at Sunnyside High School from 6:30-8:30pm. 

Beginning on Thursday, February 21st, Kyle Bunch and his crew from Hoover High School will offer another men’s masters league.  This league is run as a fundraiser to support the Hoover High School water polo program.  It will be held on Tuesday or Thursday nights, (there are 2 weeks with a Tuesday game to accommodate swim meets) and play will continue through April 9th.  (The league is separate from CVWP and therefore requires a separate payment to participate.)  During the nights of the Winter Men’s League, the pool at Sunnyside will be closed.  If you are interested in playing in the men’s league, be sure to register before the deadline.  This year, CVWP members will be offered a discount for the league.  Last year, players were disappointed that they could not play because they were unable to register after the coach’s draft.  Be sure to register before the deadline.  More information regarding the league is soon to follow.

On April 13 and 14, we are hosting out 26th annual tournament at Bullard High School.  More details about this in February. 

Here is the calendar for our upcoming season.  // 

In order to play for CVWP, here are some things that you must do before getting in the water.

1.        Be a current member (at least bronze level) of USA Water Polo.  If you plan to play in tournaments, you should research which level membership will be best for you.  Here is the link to join.  Please note, if you do not have a current USAWP membership, you may not get in the water. 

2.       Be a current paid member of CVWP. 

Men’s link -

3.       Agree to help with setting up and tearing down the pool at each practice session.  No one should be in the showers until all the lane lines are in and the pool is covered.  If everyone pitches in, clean up takes just a few minutes. 

Also be sure to click on the “Signup for Alerts” button  and register your mobile device.  This will be the preferred method to communicate with everyone on the team.  If the pool goes down and we need to move practice or if there are other updates we need to share with the team, this is how we will do it.  Sign up when you register, don’t be left in the dark. 


Finally, this past NCAA men’s season there were significant changes in the way that the game is being called.  The goal is to have the game officiated in a manner that highlights athleticism over brute force.  While these changes have not been officially adopted by FINA, the officials have been calling the game according to these interpenetrations.  Here is a video that highlights the changes.    

We look forward to another great year of water polo.  I hope to see you Tuesday, January 8th 2019 at 6:30pm at Sunnyside High School.



Central Valley Water Polo