Rescheduling make-up games

If a team needs to reschedule a game they must noify the President or Vice-President a week in advance.  If a team forfeits without appropriate notice to the President the team will be responsible for reimbursing the league for the cost of the umpire(s).  Failure to reimburse the league will result in forbiddance of entrance into the league next season.  Games called by an umpire are not considered a regulation game, will be rescheduled as needed and shall resume at the exact point where they were stopped.


If a game is canceled due to weather.  The Vice-President will reach out to the affected team representatives / captains with dates for a make-up game.  The make-up date will be within 2 weeks of the originally scheduled game.  If a decision cannot be agreed upon the officers will meet and come up with alternatives.