Lightning Policy

At any time, during any warm-ups or a game, if lightning is spotted by anyone, (players, parents, managers or umpires), play will immediately be suspended and all players shall leave the field. Players are not to sit in the dugouts or under nearby trees, but should go to the nearest shelter or automobile. Managers, coaches and parents are responsible for keeping the players in a safe area. That does not mean running around near the fields or in the parking lots. Have them get to safety and stay there until an all clear is given or the game is cancelled.

Since the THOR GUARD lightning detection system is now available at all parks, these policies will apply: If lighting is present in the area, the detection system will sound a 15 second siren. All players shall immediately leave the fields and go to shelter. No players may use the high school dugouts. Do not stay under trees. Return to the parking lots and stay in your automobiles. If lightning is spotted and the Thor Guard system has not sounded, the game shall be suspended as per the above rule. While the system is detecting conditions where lightning is possible, a flashing light on top Thor Guard system (on high school roof at Lions) will be visible. Once the system determines that conditions are clear, it will sound 3 short blasts. This is the all clear and players may return to the fields and the game shall resume at the discretion of the umpire. A 30 minute suspension of play will be allowed.