What do my HBRBA Player Registration Fees pay for?

Player Registration fees go towards the general costs of running a youth sports league and maintaining the playing fields.  Some of these include:

  • Field Maintenance:  the mowing, striping, weed control, fencing, and irrigation of our ball park
  • Equipment:  balls, bats, catching equipment, tees, pitching machines, safety equipment, and batting helmets, and scorecards for each team
  • Player Uniforms 
  • Umpire Fees
  • League Charter Fees & Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Porta Potties for the fields

Player Registration fees are NOT applied to:

  • Board member salaries- none of our board members are paid.  In fact, neither are our coaches.  We are all 100% volunteers, dedicated to providing a successful baseball experience for our players.

If you are interested in the exact accounting details, public attendance is welcome at our board meetings.  Board meetings are announced in advance on our Welcome page.  Feel free to attend, or better yet - Volunteer with us!

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