Kingsville SR Girls Finish 1st and 2nd in Wrap-up Tournament

The girls wrap-up tournament was held in Leamington over the weekend and the SR division tier 1 resulted in a 1st and 2nd place award show for Kingsville.  This game turned out to be a low scoring defensive battle. After 5 innings, the game was all tied at 3 a piece. This game was setting up for fantastic finish.  Top of the 6th, HUB Insurance scores two, while Will Insurance manages only one. 5-4 for HUB. Top of the 7th,  HUB is held scoreless and with the hammer belonging to Will Insurance, they power out a pair of runs for the victory. This was a great championship game, so congratulations to both teams, for making it to the finals while knocking out the 4 Leamington teams on the way.



Pictured are the 2 Kingsville Senior Girls teams.... KMB would also like to wish Haley Barreto, Carissa Coghill, Taylor Fields, Emily Stevenson and McKenna Ure, a fond farewell, for they will too old to join our program next year.