Middle School Matchup November 11 -13Registration deadline is October 8, 2017.  For more information, please visit this link:

Lovejoy Baseball encourages  middle school players to participate in this upcoming tournament.  It is a unique, local area tournament for one weekend where teams are formed exclusively based on the high school that the student athlete will attend.  For many, this is the first opportunity in baseball to compete along fellow classmates against other area schools since we do not have a formal middle school program.



One time a year, for one weekend, we do something extraordinary in youth baseball. We gather kids up, place them on teams based on their middle school and let them play in a tournament against other schools in their town. Then something incredible happens; Friendships are strengthened and new ones are made, smiles and high fives become the norm, politics stop, and wearing a jersey from your school becomes more important than what level you play. For this one weekend a year, experience youth baseball just like it should be…fun.


Far less about winning and much more about friends and fun, MSM is a unique weekend tournament for middle school baseball players in areas that do not have formal middle school teams. At MSM we align players by middle school, regardless of skill level, and give them the special chance to take a short break from their current team and play ball with the kids they have grown up with! Smiles and high-fives are guaranteed.

With our unique format you can think of MSM as sort of a league, wrapped up in just one weekend of play. Here is the run down;

1. Players Register on the VIP List (Very Important Player). This helps us see how teams are shaping up so we can understand how many fields, umpires, etc. Being on this list also give you early access to registration...remember, some teams sell out in minutes.
2. Official Registration Opens and Closes
3. We Build Teams
4. Parents and Coaches Notified
5. Check-in Party - Pick up jerseys, validate school attendance (plus have fun!)
6. Tournament!

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