Lebanon Baseball Association Facility Ground Rules for Fall Baseball

1.     There is no tobacco use or E-vaping allowed on the property. All Tobacco use will be confined to the parking lot.

2.     Due to the amount of field and teams the inside of the batting cages will not be available to anybody. Teams may use the outside of the cage to do soft toss.

3.     There will be no soft toss of any type into any chain link fence.

4.     There will be no batting practice, soft toss or whiffle balls on any playing surface, this includes the dirt infield, outfield grass or foul territory.

5.     There will be no outside food or drink SOLD on the property. Lebanon baseball absorbs all cost of field maintenance and up keep for fall ball and rely’s on our concession stand to help fund that for everybody.

6.     There is ABSOLUTLY NO PARKING BEYOND THE BUILDING AND PLAYGROUND. Any vehicle caught driving on the grass on the middle or upper field will be towed. This is a 100% safety issue.

7.     Only handicap parking will be allowed in front of the concession stand building. All other vehicles may park in the grass below the maintenance shed or parking lot.


These Rules are designed to maintain the quality of the fields and for safety reasons. Failure to follows these rules may result in removal from the property.


Any questions about these rules please contact Brian Davenport President of LBA at 717-222-7905 or Lebanonbaseballassociation@gmail.com