Every school must provide home/cell/school/ phone numbers for each coach of every team. The roster for each team must be sent to the league by November 8, 2015. The 2015-2016 official roster form can be found under the Handouts tab on the league home page.
JV Boys/Girls - Players are eligible who reach the age of 13 after 11/15/2015. JV Boys Basketball Team will consist of 5/6th Grade Boys. JV Boys team may include 4th Grade Boys to fill out a 15-player roster.

Note: JV Boys/Girls are not eligible to play on the Varsity Level unless approved by the League Commissioners and Executive Director. JV level Players will be eligible to play Varsity only if a team cannot field a Varsity team.

Varsity Boys/Girls (7/8th Grade Level) - Players are eligible who reach the age of 15 after 11/15/2015.

Transfer Rule
Once reaching 7th grade in any school (public/private), a player will have 2 years of eligibility for the Varsity Team. If a child repeats 7th grade-he/she has no eligibility once reaching his/her 8th grade year. If a student repeats 8th grade or transfers from another public/private school to repeat 8th Grade, HE/SHE can’t play as a second year 8th Grader. If a student transfers from another school prior to his/her 8th Grade year to complete his 8th Grade Year, he/she only has one year of eligibility. If a child repeats 8th grade, he/she isn’t eligible to play in the Monmouth-Ocean County Parochial Basketball League.

All players must be a student at the school they represent. The use of an ineligible player will result in a forfeit for any game he/she played in and may result in further disciplinary action as determined by the MOCPBL Board.