King Soopers Reloadable Gift Cards

King Soopers Gift Cards are the EASIEST way to earn 5% returned straight to your player’s account. No matter what you spend your money on at King Soopers, receive 5% back to offset your player fees.

Examples of how you can make money on the things YOU ALREADY BUY! 

·        Buying Groceries, Prescriptions, Coffee Shops inside stores, ANYTHING at King Soopers

·        Buying Gas at Loaf N Jug (THIS ALONE IS HUGE! How much do you spend on gas?)

·        Sell to Friends and Family and make money on their purchases! Even out of state affiliates of King Soopers! Find a Location

·       As a group, The Parker Colts averages over $1,000.00 a month in total rebates to it's participating players. 

So simple to get started, request card(s) (min. $5 suggested). Complete online request King Soopers Gift Card Order .

Spend your Gift Card(s) at King Soopers...Reload AT CHECK OUT (Before clerk starts scanning) OR WITH GAS ATTENDANT (Before gas purchase) 

Monthly reports will be distributed to let you know how much you are earning!

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