June 10, 2013

Jimmy Merling and Evan Scherber were the only players to set PHS single-season records in 2013. Merling's strikeout percent of 1.7 replaced Kyle Wojtysiak's record of 2.7 set in 2004. Scherber's rate of 15.00 bases on balls per strikeouts broke the previous record of 6.50 set by Matt Downs in 1981. Both players struck out once in 2013, both in the final game against International Falls.


2013 Individual Single-Season All-Time PHS "Top 10" Rankings



Sacrifice Flies: Matt Dolsen, 2 (7th, tied)

Bases on Balls: Matt Dolsen, 16 (10th, tied)

Highest Bases on Balls Percent: Matt Dolsen, 26.7 (7th)

Lowest Strikeout Percent: Jimmy Merling, 1.7 (1st); Evan Scherber, 2.0 (3rd)

Bases on Balls per Strikeouts: Evan Scherber, 15.00 (1st); Jimmy Merling, 8.00 (2nd)



Saves: Matt Dolsen, 1 (3rd, tied)

Earned Run Average: Matt Dolsen, 1.30 (7th, tied); Jack Nikko, 1.45 (10th)

Lowest Bases on Balls per Seven Innings: Jack Nikko, 1.78 (9th, tied)

Starting Pitcher Game Score Average (Since 2004): Jack Nikko, 70.0 (3rd)