Rockland Football & Cheerleading


All Rockland Youth Football and Cheerleader families are required to write a $250.00 volunteer check due at equipment pickup during the month of August. This check will be postdated to December 1, 2017 and will NOT be cashed.  However, if a family does not fulfill their volunteer requirement or return their football equipment the check WILL be cashed during the first week of December 2016.




Required Hours: 2/hours per child OR 4/hours for family minimum. Volunteer Time will be scheduled in 2hr blocks at ALL HOME GAMES.

Rockland Youth Football and Cheer is run by VOLUNTEERS  and without each family putting in their fair share, we cannot run Game Days smoothly. Parent Volunteers will sign up for the 2 hour block of time that best fits their schedule. When you sign up, you can choose from many different things to help with: Selling 50/50 Raffle Tickets, Grilling, or working in the Snack Bar. We do everything we can to keep you where you signed up, however on a rare occasion, we may have to move people around to ensure everything is covered for that time block.

We have over 300 children in the program which amounts to almost 150 families that will need to sign up for volunteer hours. Please check your calendars before you sign up for a time slot.  Just like any job you have please remember if something comes up and you can’t make it you must call/email our volunteer coordinators so they can make other arrangements.

Once the 2017 Season’s Schedule is complete an email will go out and you can begin to sign up for your hours. RYF has two Volunteer Coordinators working together to fill every spot for every game.

How it Works: Sign up for your time slot ASAP, Email Reminders will go out a few days prior to the game you selected, arrive at your scheduled time and check in at the Snack Bar. When you are done have a designated RYF Member sign your volunteer slip and leave it in the box at the Snack Bar. 



If you have any questions please feel free to email/call our Volunteer Coordinators. 

Thank You in advance for your cooperation!

 RYF Board 2017